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Knocking in runs with the small ball

Many must cling onto the stereotypical baseball notion of power at the corners, because I’ve heard way too many Dodger fans mention the need to replace Loney with a HR-hitting 1st baseman. I sure hope his 4-RBI game last night to lead the Dodgers over the Yankees will quiet some of his critics. Loney currently leads the team with 51 RBI’s and is living up to his Gold Glove potential with only one error so far this season.

Let’s ask ourselves this question – Why is it that almost every team with a starting pitcher worth trading is insisting on a package including Loney? In my opinion, there is only one 1st baseman in the NL better than Loney and we all know who that is.

My all-time favorite 1st baseman only hit 272 HR’s in his 18 years in the bigs. He was also a career .294 hitter. I’d take another Steve Garvey any day.