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Eternally Optimistic

There are so many different types of fans out there in the baseball world. Some go to every game with their scorebook and enjoy logging every pitch, hit, and error in their books. Do these people even get the chance to enjoy a beer & hot dog during the game? Do they get to go to the bathroom??

A gratuitous shot of Dodger fan, Denise Milani

Some fans are eternally optimistic. You’ll hear them say “it’s a long season” or “plenty of game left” or the worst, “there’s always next season.” Some are eternally pessimistic and will despise each player on the roster at one point in the season. What have you done for us lately?!? Sure you hit .330 last season but you’re only hitting .285 this season you bum!!! We should trade you now!!

And of course, there is the eternal bickering between fans over who should stay and who should go.  Manny sucks…no, Manny is a beast.  Trade Blowingsley…no, Bills is the future of the Dodgers.  Probably the only two consistencies amongst all fans is that Ethier cannot, under no circumstance, be traded away…and also that Sherrill, under any circumstance, must be traded away.  It’s pretty entertaining to read the comments on the Los Angeles Dodgers Facebook page and the divergent comments from fans and haters.

There is one thing to appreciate.  Dodger fans are loyal.  In fact, I think the Dodger fans are more loyal than any in the NL West considering it’s been so long since we’ve seen success.  Real success as defined by Major League Baseball…a trip to the World Series.

The Rockies last made it to the World Series in 2007.  The Giants went in 2002.  The D-Backs won it the year before.  And the Padres last went in 1998.

Our last trip to the World Series was in 1988.  In 1988, the Billboard chart was dominated by George Michaels, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson.  I think considering that it’s been so long since we’ve felt the joy of competing in the World Series…any fan, regardless of passion or opinion, should be commended.

My only wish is that our owner felt the same.