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Reed Over Kemp

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

I’m a believer that baseball players should always run hard 90’s. Their uniforms should be filthy at the end of the game. Didn’t you love watching Charlie Hustle play ball? Watching Upton this past weekend jogging in CF and Hanley earlier this season pissed me off. And watching Kemp lackadaisical play this season has definitely been a disappointment.

Torre gets shit from fans because that’s what happens to the manager of any team when they lose…especially in a major market like LA. But Joe often doesn’t get credit for what he does in the clubhouse…or doesn’t say about his players. The way Joe has handled playing Reed over Kemp has been masterful. He didn’t embarrass him but sent a clear message by giving Matt two consecutive days off, the second against a pitcher that he has hit very well.

Will Kemp respond and win fans over. Hopefully he does by All Star break. You know it’s bad when his lack of effort prompts Perez Hilton to blog about it.

In any case, I think it sends the right message to the team and fans. Will this be the defining moment of our season?