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Torre for Manager of the Year?

Joe Torre should be named Mgr of the Year with how he handled the Kemp benching if the team continues playing as well as they did in the SF series. We faced three good pitchers but hit them well. We pitched well. But most importantly, we played some great defense.

I’ve read so much recently from fans posting about the Kemp benching and saying things like, “Torre’s been sitting him! What an Idiot!” or “hey, Torre, Kemp isn’t going to break out of his slump if you keep benching him.” Do we all really think it’s that easy to win four World Series rings?

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Do we really want our skipper to simply start the players who earned it during Spring Training, or do we want the 9 players on the field to be the 9 who will do what they can to win games? I know what the players want.

Joe’s job is to get the most out of each player, and what makes coaching so challenging is that each player requires a different approach. I know it’s too early to determine, but Joe benching Kemp…giving him some days to stew in it…and waiting until Kemp came to his office to discuss…well, it seems like the right way to resolve it and get the whole team playing hard.

Keep it up Matty! And keep it up Skipper. You’ve got my vote of confidence…except when it comes to GA.