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Kemp Finds His Hustle

A baseball player strives to earn the starting position on their team. After much hard work and the hustle required to impress coaches, they earn that position. What happens next will define this player, and the earlier that they learn in their baseball careers not to get too comfortable, the longer they will remain a starter. This applies from Little League and beyond.

Jason O. Watson / U.S. Presswire

I realize that it’s just a quote, but Kemp said something that I found interesting. “I did everything I needed to do to have as good a season as I did last year.” For all of you who, at any point, ever dreamed of making it to the Bigs, wouldn’t you work harder and practice more to improve on a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger season?

It’s easy to answer this question when you know the right answer. As for me, I’m sure I would’ve celebrated by dating as many Hollywood starlets, partied with Paris Hilton, made it on the cover of the tabloids, and done whatever most 25-yr old millionaire professional athletes would do.

Joe Torre handled the benching of Kemp perfectly, and Kemp responded beautifully last night.  I hope this was a defining moment in Kemp’s career, and I hope he earns the trust and love back from the Dodger faithful.


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