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Beyond Frustrated

So frustrated with tonight’s loss. Yes Brox blew it but he’s been overall pretty reliable lately. He’s lost a few MPH in velocity…don’t you think? He’s still one of the best closers out there.

Sherrill and Troncoso? They both need to work things out in Albuquerque. I think that Troncoso has to fix that choppy stride of his. He’s hanging all his pitches way too high!! And would any coach out there teach their pitchers to start so closed? Sherrill is so closed he starts completely facing 2nd base!! It’s not working!! At least Belisario looked better this weekend. That’s what happens when you miss Spring Training you idiot!

No disrespect to Kemp, but I like Reed Johnson at CF. The dude is gritty and plays some dirtbag baseball. Plus he’s hitting .306.

Kershaw gets better with each outing. Was Kuo not available tonight? Or Weaver?

I still have faith for this season. Do you think if we could add one top tier pitcher and another for the bullpen we could win the World Series?

What would you think of a rotation of Lee, Kershaw, Kuroda, Bills, Padilla?!? I think we could take any team in a 7-game series.


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