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McCheap Being McCheap

McCheap being McCheap. That’s the first thought that crossed my mind when Colletti signed Jamey Carroll this past winter. While other G.M.’s were given an actual budget to strengthen their teams, we were scouring the bargain bins in our attempt to finally reach the World Series. One would think that after coming so close, just being denied by the Phillies two years running, that the Dodgers front office would have been a bit more aggressive, but this is the era of McCheap being McCheap.

Of course Colletti wouldn’t find names, like Lackey, Damon, or Lee, in the bargain bins. However, he would find Jamey Carroll, whose most notable accomplishment to date could be scoring the last run for the Montreal Expos before the franchise moved to DC. A career .275 hitter, the utility infielder gives the Dodgers a good, reliable glove at any infield position. A bargain at $1.5 million, especially when you divide that salary by 3 (the 3 of 4 IF positions he has played in the Majors).

Does he remind anybody else of J.P. filling in for Manny during his 50-game P.E.D. suspension last season? Where would the Dodgers have been without Juan Pierre? Where would the Dodgers be this season without Jamey Carroll?

I think there is a growing sentiment to give Carroll more playing time. He’s hitting .294 and provides the team some much needed speed on the bases. Carroll made some great plays at 2nd last night and had one of the four Dodger hits against Sabathia. And given the fact that he even hits RHP better than the lefty hitting DeWitt (.308 vs .268), shouldn’t Carroll start at 2nd over DeWitt?

C’mon Joe. We need to find ways to win. Forget who we thought was more impressive during Spring Training. That was yesterday. Our starting nine has to be the nine who gives the Dodgers the best opportunity to win. In my opinion, that is with Carroll playing 2nd and hitting in the 2-hole.

I guess sometimes being McCheap can pay off. Just like it did last night at dinner when I tipped $5 on a $200 check.


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